The Springwood Cup

The idea of "The Springwood Cup" was originally conceived in the late 1950's by a few stalwarts of the then Register General's Department. Over a quiet beer at the 'Phillip Hotel', on the corner of Phillip and King Streets, Kevin Woodward, Tony Murden, Phil Mason and Jack Byron held several meetings to discuss and organise an annual golf day.


The Cup was first played at the Springwood Golf Course in the Blue Mountains in 1957. Accommodation was predominantly taken at the Royal Hotel in Springwood until an incident in 1988 forced the seeking of alternative accommodation. This was arranged at various places throughout the mountains until the good will of the locals was finally exhausted.

By 1991, the Chief Executive Officer of the time, Mr Peter Bourke esq., was then forced to seek another venue. Rescue came when Kerrie Ray, and the ever friendly Ray family of the New Ivanhoe Hotel, suggested the Blackheath Golf Course, with accommodation at the family's various venues throughout Blackheath. The Cup was played there until 2011, when circumstances forced a change of venue.

Wentworth Falls Country Club became the venue in 2012 and were the gracious hosts of this event again in 2014 and into the future (a forced return to Blackheath Golf Club in 2013 confirmed that this venue will not be revisited until a personality transplant for the local pro has been completed)


* NB: a correction to the original understanding that the idea of the Springwood Cup was conceived at The City Bowling Club in lieu of the Phillip Hotel, has been provided by a stalwart of this event, and former CEO, Mr Peter McSorley. In relation to the City Bowling Club "we weren't allowed through the front doors until the early 70's, and even then they didn't serve anything but ponies and middies for a further 12 months". In fact a quote from Armer Minnis stated "this is the city, we don't serve schooners here"


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